The Menon Group is affiliated with the Intelligent Electromagnetic Sensors Laboratory (IEMSL) and the Electromagnetics Group at Texas A&M University. The mission of the lab is to develop technologies to advance high-frequency (RF/microwave/millimeter wave) systems for ever-increasing, data-intensive sensing and communications applications. Our group is currently investigating for intelligence / cognition in radars. 

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As part of the program, Grace will attend the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Summer 2024. Every year, Project Connect brings together an exceptional group of undergraduate and first-year graduate students to the IEEE-IMS conference on a travel grant provided by sponsors that include the National Science Foundation and IEEE. 


March 2024: Shreeram, Wesley, and Roman in-front of the microwave / millimeter wave absorber wall. The absorbers are from EMCShop PU-RAM-P200 with >35dB reflection loss between 3 and 100 GHz. The assembled absorber wall measures 6ft x 6ft. 

Feb 2024: Shreeram designed movable microwave absorber structure that will decrease background reflections during indoor short-range radar measurements. Here are Shreeram, Wesley and Roman during the assembly process.